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Windows Terminal Tips

Tips for Windows Terminal collated into a single place.
A work in progress.

Split vertical pane

To split the current pane vertically alt + shift + =

Split horizontal pane

To split the current pane horizontally alt + shift + -

Duplicate and split the pane

To duplicate and split the current pane alt + shift + d

Close pane

To close the current pane ctrl + shift + w

Change text size

To increase text size ctrl + +, to reduce text size ctrl + -

Resize pane

To resize the current pane press alt + shift + < key >

Switch focus between panes

To switch the focus between different panes alt + <arrow key>

Open settings

To open the settings ctrl + ,

Launch Windows Terminal from run

If you open the run prompt (Windows Key + r) then type wt and enter.


To search the text ctrl + shift + f

Customise the background

Coming soon

Open Terminal at the current directory

Coming soonwt -d .